move towards abstraction to fully express the sense and imprint of Sagrantino

Bernulia for Arnaldo Caprai

There is an Umbria where the vine cultivation draws landscapes where history and legend overlap, where the agricultural heritage is also an anthropological heritage; an Umbria where the rolling hills accompany the passing of time, the passing of the seasons, which change the shapes and colours of the vines. Ancient roads and paths that climb between the vineyards, already travelled in the Middle Ages by St. Benedict of Norcia, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Montefalco.

This is the territory of Sagrantino, in the Montefalco area.

Since 1992, the year in which Montefalco Sagrantino obtained its DOCG status, a lot of ground has been covered: the improved quality of the wines produced and the deep cultural roots have made it possible to build an ecosystem that over the years has established itself as one of Italy's most important and dynamic wine production and tourism areas. Over the years, history has given our company the role of guardian of this precious grape variety, whose name evokes sacredness, solemnity and mystery. Descriptions that reflect the complex and multifaceted personality of Montefalco's most exemplary wine, Sagrantino. Thirty years after the DOCG appellation was recognised, our aspiration was to translate the sensory experience that animates all the elements of our Sagrantino wines into an artistic rendering. The desire to create a work of art of this experience whilst also giving shape to the imagery that links people, territory and nature, led us to meet Giulia Bernardelli, in art Bernulia. This Mantuan artist’s expressive need is nourished by the sensations stimulated by landscapes, places and people with their colours and scents.

A journey through the four seasons, in which the artist walks among the vineyards, silently observing their changes, tasting grapes, allowing herself to be guided by her curiosity in the tasting our Sagrantino selections, discovering their nuances.

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After an experience lasting over a year the result was four unique art compositions.

"For Arnaldo Caprai I wanted to represent and express my personal vision of Sagrantino, its history and the history of the territory. Caprai, Sagrantino and Montefalco are now three names, inextricably linked. Wine is a particularly complex element; I have tried to convey this richness and diversity through very different compositions. It has been a journey that has developed over time, and from a type of composition based on materials, I felt the need to move towards abstraction in order to fully express the identity and complexity of Sagrantino”

About the artist
After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Bernulia began collaborating with Palazzo Ducale in Mantua. In 2015, an 'accident' during a coffee break led her to create her first work from coffee powder. Bernulia then decided she wanted to use material elements and everyday objects to tell stories. She creates ephemeral works of art, of which she keeps the photographic shot taken before erasing the trace. "Erasing everything once finished gives me a great feeling of freedom and respect, as if my ideas were in the best place."
In recent years she has collaborated with important companies such as Pirelli, Armani, Disney, Barilla, Lavazza, Caffarel, in 2015 she won the award for best cover of the Washington Post inserts.

Other Collaborations