The New Green Revolution project

The New Green Revolution


The Arnaldo Caprai winery adheres to the Montefalco 2015: the New Green Revolution project, the first Italian sustainability protocol applied to wine production and certified at territorial level.

How the project was born
The project was conceived and developed by the Associazione Grandi Cru di Montefalco, made up of seven wineries in the area, which are convinced that sustainability is a fundamental and indispensable value in their business activities and that it cannot be considered complete if only the company perimeter is considered. The leader of the Association is the Caprai winery, recognised worldwide as a leading producer of Sagrantino di Montefalco. Among the aims of the Association, established by notarial deed on 14 February 2008, is 'the objective of contributing to technical progress, the rational development of production and the optimal use of production factors, promoting and spreading a new culture of vine cultivation while respecting and safeguarding the territory and the environment of those who work it'.

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Scientific supervision was entrusted to the University of Milan, but also involved in the realisation of the project were the Agrifood Technology Park of Umbria, the training centre CRATIA, engaged in the coordination and training of the operators involved, and the technical firm Anima Mundi, specialised in business management systems and consultancy in the agrifood sector.

Project Development
The title Montefalco 2015: the New Green Revolution encompasses and shows both the purpose the project aims at (new green revolution) and its duration in time (Montefalco 2015).
The expression Green revolution originated in Mexico in 1944, following a substantial transformation of the agricultural development model that began to use technology and science to increase agricultural crop yields through chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.
Modern agriculture also relies on science and technology, but with the aim of finding a solution to those environmental and social problems typical of our times.
Research and application are the main objectives of the New Green Revolution and thus of a new sustainable development that respects the environment, social communities and can guarantee an economic return.
Montefalco 2015 envisages a series of activities to be carried out in the medium and long term, with the aim of creating and affirming a new model of agriculture with a low environmental impact and high quality, respectful of the territory in which it operates and of those who carry it out. The ambition is to present it at the 2015 Milan Expo.
Already in 2012, the project was awarded by Legambiente as part of the Environmentally Friendly Innovation Prize. Since 2012, it has been one of the promoters of the national forum, engaged in the formulation of common standards for Italian sustainability in the wine sector.

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