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#CAPRAI4LOVE NEW EDITION Sagrantino Re MigranteThe wine symbol of integration and social responsibility The #CAPRAI4LOVE project, in the wake of the Officer of Merit of the Italian Republic award conferred on [...].

UN 'Welcome. Working for refugee integration

Today, the Arnaldo Caprai farm in Montefalco (PG), was honoured by the UNHCR for Italy (the UN Refugee Agency), the Holy See and the [...]

Sagrantino in a work of art

Italian culture has a lot to do with wine. And if centuries of history told by wines and vineyards is not enough to confirm this, [...]

Arnaldo Caprai preview Sagrantino 2019

The year 2019 has been decreed as an excellent vintage, for some the best ever, for the great reds of Italy. Not to be outdone is Umbria, where [...]

The perfect pairing for love?

Fascinating and seductive, Pinot Noir is the wine of elegance and complexity. It is a challenge, which never has a winner. It is a wine [...]

Spinning Beauty praises complexity: the 2012 vintage

It was a dry year, 2012, with very healthy grapes and low yields. These elements contributed to the creation of red wines of great complexity [...].

"Peace and Drink': the Arnaldo Caprai winery t-shirts

Frederick II, St. Francis, Benozzo Gozzoli and St. Clare: four personalities who have marked the history of Montefalco and who today become testimonials of their [...]

Reducing the 60% of water consumption in agriculture

Reducing the 60% of water consumption in the vineyard thanks to an experimental project based on controlled irrigation. But that's not all: "Thanks to an [...]

Merlot 2018: the new wine of Arnaldo Caprai

In Arnaldo Caprai's International Line - composed until now of a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon - Merlot arrives. A new label that [...]

The picnic becomes starry

The picnic becomes star-studded thanks to the partnership between the Arnaldo Caprai Winery and star chef Gianfranco Vissani, who for the summer of 2022 [...].

Caprai: first-quarter sales 2022: + 66% over 2021, + 34% over 2019

The first quarter of 2022 was a record one for the Arnaldo Caprai winery: 'Despite the fact that the first three months of the year,' explains CEO Marco Caprai, 'were marked [...]

Father is celebrated with Sagrantino di Montefalco

He loves red wines of a certain power, probably has a pungent and rough character, which fades with age. He is a person [...]

Arnaldo Caprai, Signature dinner with the producer at the Hotel Milano in Bratto (BG)

An event not to be missed, the one scheduled for 12 March at the Hotel Milano in Bratto (BG), in the Seriana Valley: Marco Caprai, for everyone the [...]

Valentine's Day with Collepiano Caprai

Love is a game to be played, in which those who love (even if unrequited) simply win. If you are a champion of feelings, the [...]

Sagrantino in the Supercup

Sagrantino final for the Supercoppa Frecciarossa match, the first trophy of the season, which took place yesterday at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan between [...].

On the Milan-Paris Frecciarossa train, a toast with Montefalco Rosso Arnaldo Caprai

From 18 December, Arnaldo Caprai's Montefalco Rosso will accompany all passengers on the new, revolutionary Frecciarossa train route that, for the first time ever, will [...]

Umbria training among the 10 best in Italy

The 'Viticulture Smart Academy' training course put on by the Azienda Agricola Arnaldo Caprai di Montefalco in partnership with ITS Umbria is one of the 10 [...]

For 50 years of the Arnaldo Caprai winery
Bonomi, Giansanti, Tesei and Sgarbi

Big party today at the Franciscan Museum in Montefalco, Umbria, where the 50th anniversary of the Arnaldo Caprai winery became an occasion for a dialogue on [...]

Arnaldo Caprai: first sustainability report

62% less total water consumption, 50% less pesticide consumption, 7 environmental certifications, a company production protocol [...].

Fifty years of Arnaldo Caprai: Montefalco Sagrantino becomes a work of art

Inspired by Benozzo Gozzoli's 'Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria', dated 1466 and housed in the Franciscan Museum in Montefalco, the leaf [...].

The first 50 years of the Arnaldo Caprai winery

The Arnaldo Caprai winery is 50 years old, an important anniversary not only for the Umbrian agricultural enterprise led by Marco Caprai, but also for the entire [...]

Inauguration of Terrazza Monte della Torre, the exclusive space of the Wine Club del Sagrantino signed by Arnaldo Caprai

A Wine Club of Sagrantino and the wines of Umbria in general: the Arnaldo Caprai winery has just inaugurated the Terrazza Monte della Torre, a new wine [...].

Sagrantino pays homage to Dante

Among the many Umbrian records, there is one of worldwide importance that perhaps not everyone knows: on 11 April 1472, in fact, the printing of the "Umbria" [...].

For a valuable Easter, Arnaldo Caprai brings Malcompare Pinot Nero Umbria IGT to the table

For this second Easter in lockdown, Arnaldo Caprai brings to the table the fruit of its profound and tireless work in researching and enhancing [...].

Sagrantino symbol of integration

There is more than one good side to Sagrantino, thanks to the Arnaldo Caprai winery where social sustainability also means integration: thanks to the partnership, started in 2016, [...].

Sagrantino Caprai in the top ten best red wines in the world

Which are the best Italian red wines in the world? This was revealed by Gentleman, the magazine of Class Editori, which added the Italian ratings to those of [...].

Valentine's Day: wine lover gifts

Intensity, concentration and an extraordinary capacity to last. These are the ingredients of the perfect love story, characteristics shared with Sagrantino di Montefalco, [...].

For Valentine's Day, the passion of Sagrantino Passito with chocolate

No doubts, this year, on how to spend Valentine's Day: the only option will be to stay at home, organise a home-made dinner, cooking or ordering a delivery. Indispensable [...]

Rolland and Caprai: promoting Umbria in the world also thanks to Sagrantino

Using the competitive advantage of its excellence to promote itself in the world. This is what Umbria should do, by joining forces and networking: [...]

The Wine Guru

'Vinexpo has been galeotto three times between me and Italy. The third extraordinary encounter took place in Bordeaux in 2015, with the help of Charlie Artourola: it was [...].

Challenge between kings of wine: Caprai and Hofstätter compared

The 'King of Sagrantino' Marco Caprai and the 'King of Pinot Noir' Martin Foradori Hofstätter confronted each other amicably in blind tastings [...].

Picnic in the vineyard and gourmet picnic

Once upon a time there were trips out of town, lunches on the grass of the nobility and the more spartan ones with a sack on your shoulder and sandwiches prepared by your mother. [...]

Arnaldo Caprai and New Green Revolution

"Sustainable viticulture passes through experimentation and applied research in the field." With this philosophy, Marco Caprai has developed a virtuous path over the years with [...]

Ac Signature, the new top-of-the-range Arnaldo Caprai line

Spinning Beauty, Belcompare and Malcompare are the names of the three SuperUmbrian wines that make up the new Arnaldo Caprai Signature line and represent the top wines [...].

The other half of the world Caprai

Say Caprai and you immediately think of red Sagrantino, but the truth is that Marco Caprai's tireless work towards the valorisation of Umbrian viticulture and vines [...].

At Vinitaly 2019, the Arnaldo Caprai winery launches new labels (signed Michel Rolland) and a new #caprai4love project

While among the top 100 Italian wines selected by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator for OperaWine is Arnaldo Caprai's Sagrantino 25 anni, [...].