The wine cellar

From harvesting to vinification, every stage of our production is driven by the striving for excellence. Amidst the slopes of the Umbrian hills, overlooking views of Montefalco, Spoleto and Assisi, lies our winery, where grapes are transformed into wine. Here the past unites with the present to give life to wines that tell the stories of a generous land.



Our structure includes two reparti of vinification and storage for stainless steel tanks destined for the production of white and red wines.

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The tanks are equipped with devices of the latest generation by adjustment automatic temperature in the process of cold static decantation for white wines, and by automatism of reassembly operations atthe maceration phase for the red wines. 
Tubs are also the space in which alcoholic fermentation takes place, which completes the transformation of must into wine.


In 2023 we completed the expansion of the grape receiving area. This is the area where thegrapes harvested from neighbouring vineyardsso that it can be promptly selected and begin its process of vinification

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Our uve reception area allows the gesturesone quick up to 1200 quintals of grapes per day and thus ensures the maintenance of organoleptic characteristics of grapes as well as improving thel'efficienza del work
Among the machines used to manage the quality, we use lung presses e state-of-the-art crushers.


Ageing is a crucial stage in the production process, following fermentation and preceding bottling. This phase is aimed at harmonising the organoleptic components, such as tannins and aromas, present in the wine, leading to a more complex, fine and elegant elevation.

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For ageing in wood, we use casks of woods French from mainly from the forests of Allier. The woods chosen, in addition to to the constant micro-oxygenation typical of barrel ageing, determinesno enrichment of the bouquet and the achievement of a ideal aromatic complexity.
Before release on the market, our wine is last aged in the bottle for a period of three to eight months. This passage completes the evolutionary state of the wine, enriching its olfactory and gustatory finesse..

discover integral winemaking



Since 2015, we have benefited from the invaluable advice of French oenologist Michel Rolland, world-renowned for his ability to balance tradition and innovation while preserving the authenticity of the grapes and introducing advanced winemaking techniques.

Guided by Rolland, we introduced the integral vinification of red grapes, and Sagrantino in particular. 
The full vinification in barrels allowed a more pronounced extraction of the aromatic profiles of the Sagrantino retaining its distinctive tannic structure. The result is a wine that embodies the excellence of the Umbrian territoryenriched by a touch of refinement and modernity.