Bottled poetry

    Bottled poetry

    The inspiration came after reading the words of R.L. Stevenson “Wine is Bottled poetry”: thus was born the project Bottled Poetry  that is to customize the corks of our Top Sagrantino  25 Anni, with sentences related to the wine world.

    The idea has led us to the passionate pursuit of famous quotes dedicated to wine and to the "perfect drinker" by exploring an unexpected and incredible field of literary universe. 

    That there is a link between poetry and wine (or of literature at large, and wine) is certainly an undeniable fact.

    The recent release of a very interesting essay written by Massimo Donà (Filosofia e vino - ed. Bompiani), certainly has' contributed more to focus the spotlight back on the relationship between writers and wine, stressing that the origins of these two terms are lost in rooms of the ancient mythology.

    The debate relating to 'existence - or not - of a favorable relationship between literary sensibility and nectar of Bacchus finds, with the project Bottled Poetry, concrete expression:  the poet's poem goes into the bottle together  with “the poem” of the winemaker.

    You will find in this section, a 
    selection of the sentences printed on the corks as well as some of the most beautiful wine quotes attributed to the most illustrious names in literature of all time.