Spinning Beauty

SPINNING BEAUTY - as a guiding inspiration - has accompanied a man's work, passion and continuous quest for beauty.

Like an invisible thread, it draws together a family's history, its values, the spirit of a place and its traditions in an incessant motion towards the future.

SPINNING BEAUTY, so rich in personality and charm was born from the oldest historical selection of the estate vineyard Monte della Torre and from hundred percent Sagrantino clone - Cobra.

This wine has been inspired by the world's greatest and most refined classics. Matured in french oak barrels for eight years.

Variety: 100% Sagrantino First vintage produced: 2006
Training Techniques: Spurred Cordon with vine density of 6.000-8.000 vines per Ha. Yield per hectare 5 tons
Aging: 8 years in French oak barrique and minimum 8 months aging in the bottle
Aroma: potent aromatic sensation. Tertiary aromas blend with chocolate, black and red fruit jam and sweet spices perceptions. The long aging shows an ample texture of balsamic wood facets, notes of incense, toasted components that merge into a lush and elegant texture
Taste: powerful and definite tannins, full bodied and fresh. It’s persistence and balance highlight a strong personality
Serving suggestions: important culinary dishes. Best served around 64-68 ̊F
Aging potential: over 15 years
Size L: 0,75