Elevation cellar

Elevation cellar

An 'elevation cellar' with Slavonia wood barrels and roughly 2200 barriques Malolactic fermentation of Sagrantino is done in new barriques. The woods selected for these barriques provide a 90% French composition, coming from the forests of Allier, Nievre and Vosges.

The passage in wood allows the wine to take advantage of all those substances which, together with the constant micro aeration typical of the storage place, determine the enrichment of its bouquet and the achievement of an ideal  aromatic and organoleptic complexity.

  • Rooms position = basement
  • Barriques = 2200
  • Slavonia oak barrels = 15
  • Capacity = 1100hl in the oak barrels and 4500 in the barriques
  • Constant temperature = 15-16°C
  • Humidity = 80-85%.