Economic sustainability

The Montefalco territory has unique, original, unrepeatable characteristics

The territory of Montefalco has unique, original, unrepeatable and permanent characteristics that translate into historical, natural, cultural, relational assets that cannot be acquired or transferred elsewhere, and therefore offer the possibility of generating high added value. What matters is how the added value - tangible and intangible - of a society is created and utilised. This is why the focus of the question of Sustainable Development is primarily economic.


The Arnaldo Caprai company has had the ability and sensitivity to choose a new entrepreneurial strategy, shifting its focus from the generation of goods to the production of values, knowing how to compete over time in the direction of constant sustainable evolution, in harmony with the principles of Green economy and the Blue economy.

The purpose of the Green economy is to maximise all business opportunities arising from processes, technologies, activities and occupations related to safeguarding and preserving the vitality of the planet by removing anything that is not properly green. The company's commitment is based now more than ever on the ability to generate value not through increased production, but through the ability to introduce into wine the added value of territorial specificity that makes coexistence possible. Montefalco in this endeavour has been favoured by a landscape that is still intact, clearly visible and therefore usable. The model of the Blue economy has gone a step further, envisaging the use of bio-based raw materials and materials that, taking a cue from what nature does, replicate its effects on the basis of innovative technologies that do not pollute and do not absorb scarce resources. This is an economic philosophy that regenerates the environment and attempts to overcome the problem of scarcity. The Caprai winery constantly seeks to convey to consumers the new relational, health and cultural intrinsic elements of wine, to be combined with the other elements, not only food and wine, that represent and qualify our territory.


In the realisation of its mission the Caprai company pursues its objectives with transparent and ethical behaviour, committing itself to respect economic, trade union, social and environmental values, aware that the company's consolidation and development goals can only be achieved if all players work as a team.


It is a model for managing and controlling the traceability of operators in the vine-wine chain during the grape production and processing processwith the aim of enhancing the work and quality of the products.

The recording of employee attendance at the company is done via a system consisting of time recording terminals, RF-ID technology badges with a 125 KHz passive transponder and software for processing attendance data.

With satellite control, and thanks to the badge, a row that has been neglected in the grape harvest, or an area in need of water or treatment, is signalled to the grape pickers.

When the operators clock in, the manager enters a code specifying the type of activity the individual operator is about to perform. In this way, the detected presence time is divided according to the types of activities and work plots.


Social Sustainability

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