Merlot 2018: the new wine of Arnaldo Caprai

In Arnaldo Caprai's Linea Internazionali - composed so far of a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon - comes Merlot.

23 JUNE 2022
Montefalco (PG)

In Arnaldo Caprai's Linea Internazionali - composed so far of a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon - comes the Merlot.

A new label that is part of the path of research and enhancement of the Montefalco territory: constant work that, right from the start, for Caprai has also involved international grape varieties, with a view to understanding which ones could best express their potential in Montefalco in Umbria, assimilating unique peculiarities that can only be highlighted by this territory. This is the case of the Chardonnay Umbria Igt and Sauvignon Umbria Igt: the former is seductive, fresh, rich in hints of citrus, pear and white peach, with mineral and delicately buttery notes; the latter is an explosion of white flowers, with a touch of citrus and some amusing vegetal notes. Now Merlot has also arrived to complete the range, a grape that is not new to the pioneering winery led by Marco Caprai, who signed one of his three Signature Line labels, Belcompare Merlot Igt, with this very grape. The new Merlot, again Igt, that is part of the International Line is none other than the "younger brother" of Belcompare, or perhaps it would be better to say a different selection to bottle a more versatile and less demanding product, but still of the highest quality. One sip is enough to understand this.

One hundred per cent Merlot, aged 2 years in barriques and at least 8 months in bottles. The wine is an intense ruby red colour, while the nose releases notes of ripe red fruits, spices and liquorice. In the mouth, it shows a velvety, rounded and persuasive body, in which fruity aromas dominate, with hints of morello cherry, tamarind, but also raspberries and other small berries, all balanced by a fresh acidity.

The ageing potential is about 15 years and the quantity limited (6,600 bottles).

Merlot 2018

Serving temperature: 16 °C approx.

No. of bottles produced: 6,600

Format: 0.75 l. Retail price: 40.00€

Few other wineries in Italy and around the world are immediately identified just by mentioning the name of the denomination to which they belong, like Arnaldo Caprai, itself a symbol of Sagrantino di Montefalco. A unique reality, synonymous with Italian excellence, capable of creating wines that are out of the ordinary in terms of depth, elegance and longevity: not only reds, but also whites. The credit for this adventure that began in the late 1970s goes to Marco Caprai, Arnaldo's son. It was he, in fact, more than anyone else who believed in the richness of Sagrantino, reinterpreting it in a modern key, through the most innovative production and business management methods, which have enabled him to win the favour of the public and critics all over the world. Not to be outdone by the whites: Arnaldo Caprai's Grecante, 100% Grechetto, managed to conquer Wine Spectator's Top100.
A great company, Arnaldo Caprai, that guards a green soul, considering issues concerning sustainability, protection and safeguarding the environment as fundamental. The point of observation always remains the same: trying to behave in harmony with natural evolution cycles, preserving and enhancing the territory in which it operates. This is why the company decided to create an Environmental Management System that complies with international regulations, developing a voluntary territorial protocol of environmental, economic and social sustainability of the production process.
It is in this unparalleled context that wines of unforgettable substance are born, complex and elegant, capable of narrating the best of an entire region, Umbria.


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