The Sustainability Project




It is a fundamental document for us, since it has the purpose to disclose the commitment that Arnaldo Caprai has made in recent years to put sustainability at the center of its production philosophy.


A work that began several decades ago, with the development of agronomic practices that respect the environment and the study of the best winemaking techniques necessary to enhance our most precious grape, Sagrantino. 


A work which saw as protagonists not only women and men from Montefalco but also those who, although coming from other places, wanted to contribute to the rebirth of this part of Italy by bringing their precious experience. A territory that has made of the reception and of the valorization of the people the glue for the construction of a sustainable economy, careful to the innovations, able to draw strength from a millennial tradition that in the relationship with the Universities finds grounds of improvement. 


A thorough, transparent sustainability report that is openly accessible. 
 Report 2021

Report 2020


The same environmental, economic and social sustainability that has been fully represented in the 2015 Montefalco project:
 The New Green Revolution, the first territorial sustainability protocol in the wine-making field.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental protection, rational use of energy, innovation and change are the basis of the Caprai Company business strategies. Growing responsibly while safeguarding the environment means ensuring a future to our region, and therefore to our children.

  •         Reduction in the consumption of pesticides
  •         Monitoring CO2 emissions
  •         LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  •         Reduction in the use of resources
  •         Increasing the vineyard biodiversity and organic fertility
  •         Implementation of a lake for phyto-purification 

Economic Sustainability

The Montefalco area has unique, original, inimitable and permanent features resulting in historical, natural, cultural, and relational assets which cannot be acquired and transferred and, precisely for this reason, offer the opportunity to generate high added value. What does matter is the way the tangible and intangible added values of a company are created and used. This is why the core of the issue related to Sustainable Development is primarily of an economic nature.

  •          Green economy and blue economy
  •          Transparency
  •          3K.0 Project

Social Sustainability

Excellence in nature starts from smallness, from local micro-ecosystems, thus from the territory. For this reason, given the predominantly intangible nature of the typical resources of our area, social sustainability encourages the creation of people's well-being as well as a lasting, much more substantial quality of life than any other goods or service offered.
 The Arnaldo Caprai Company, knowing and deeply loving the Montefalco area, is also committed to recovering the local cultural identity and territorial origins, while searching for a positive synergy and co-operation with selected stakeholders and with those who have political influence in the dynamics of our territory.

  •          The projects of #Caprai4love