This page is dedicated to corporate transparency documents.

The company is involved in the cultivation, processing and bottling of quality wine. We are promoters of Sagrantino and Umbrian wine in the world. We make innovation and sustainability the guiding principles of our daily actions, to constantly improve the quality of our wines, increase the value of production and support the growth of the Montefalco territory. 

After a journey in quality management systems that started in 2001, since 2019 we are certified EQUALITAS - Standard SOPD Sustainable Organisation Module -.

Corporate PolicyOur corporate policy is the foundation on which we build the company's future, in compliance with the commitments of the Code of Ethics and the improvement objectives to be pursued in the corporate strategy. View or download our Corporate Policy to discover our modus operandi.

Code of EthicsWe have adopted a Code to ensure integrity, fairness and respect in every aspect of our work, particularly in our dealings with our stakeholders. It is a statement of the values that guide us. You can consult its contents here.

Anticorruption Policy: The Policy provides all persons in the company and all those acting on its behalf with the principles and rules to be followed to ensure compliance with Anti-Bribery Laws. You can consult or download it here.

Sustainability Report: We are proud to be one of the first wine companies in Italy to publish a Sustainability Report. In addition to serving as a collector of our history and major achievements to date, each year the document is updated with an indication of our social, environmental and economic impacts, the performance achieved and the initiatives taken. This the latest published Sustainability Report, covering the year 2022.

We will continue to update you on our progress and the steps we take to improve our products and the community in which we operate. Contact us for an open dialogue or to find out more about our company and the values that guide us. For any reports, please use the mailbox.

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