The perfect pairing for love?


23 JANUARY 2023
Montefalco (PG)

Charming and seductive, Pinot Noir is the wine of elegance and complexity.

It is a challenge, which never has a winner. It is a wine that never fully reveals itself, and with every sip it has a different nuance, all to be discovered. Those who love Pinot Noir cannot do without complexity even in life, where love represents the most meaningful but also the most complex experience. This is why Pinot Noir and love are the perfect pairing par excellence.

So, to celebrate Lovers' Day on 14 February, Arnaldo Caprai proposes the Malcompare Pinot Nero Umbria IGT 2018 (€90 in the wine shop), which together with Spinning Beauty and Belcompare makes up the Arnaldo Caprai Signature line, top of the range of the Montefalco winery led by Marco Caprai.

Born in 2015 from the collaboration with the internationally renowned French oenologist Michel Rolland, Malcompare is a 100% Pinot Noir, round and fresh, with hints of violets and raspberry, which on the palate offers sweet notes of wood and spices (due to the 2 years of maturation in barrique, followed by 8 months in the bottle) and a soft, silky finish. Intriguing, with its seductive, creamy tannins, it has an ageing potential of over ten years. A wine that never fully reveals itself, and with each sip discovers something more of itself, with ever-changing nuances. 

Serve with savoury first and second courses of meat and game, perfect with black truffles and mushrooms, and also with spicy cuisine, especially Indian.


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